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Transformations of business organizations and cooperatives

We provide full legal services in the field of transformations, including:

  • consultancy regarding all types of transformation (mergers by acquisition or by formation of a new company, transfers of assets and liabilities to a member, demergers, demergers by spin-off or by formation of new companies, changes of legal forms), including cross-border mergers
  • analyses and solution proposals, including the selection of the type and method of transformation, also from an economic perspective
  • ensuring of economic and tax consultancy within the scope of transformations
  • preparation of all documents relating to transformations, including the preparation of transformation projects
  • ensuring and appointment of experts for the valuation of assets and liabilities in transformations or for the preparation of transformation reports
  • preparation of general meetings to decide on transformations
  • representation in dealings with Trades Licensing Offices, with the competent registration court in proceedings regarding the registration of transformations in the Commercial Register


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